Life happens to all of us.  A person can find him or herself bombarded by unexpected and intolerable situations, unfortunate losses and unendurable psychological pains.   A person can also struggle with unhealthy self-esteem and insecurity by being unaware of his or her full potentials. By feeling trapped and desperate, a person can lose the ability to experience pleasures in life. 

Through self-acceptance and self-care, individuals can learn to work through a healthy balance in their lives. By heightening self-awareness, each person can gain more tools that would assist in improving lifestyle and relationships.


Love and respect that stem from effective communication is vital in every relationship.  Many couples struggle to talk to each other in a meaningful way, to strengthen their bond and support to each other.  Frequent arguments, emotional ups and downs, and betrayal can dissolve the most significant relationships. Couples counseling helps each partner to communicate their thoughts and feelings as they learn to listen more carefully to each other’s needs.   Couples can learn to agree on their goals and work together by respecting their own desires and determinations.


Following support groups are offered to learn coping skills: 

1) Wellness & Recovery Group

2) Parenting Groups

3) Anger Management Group